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February 22, 2011

Did You Receive the Captain Lord Mansion Bed & Breakfast Inn Newsletter Mailing from Kennebunkport?

The Captain Lord Mansion 2011 Newsletter!

Get One Now! 

It has been 11 years since we’ve sent a newsletter by mail; however, as we approach 2012 which will be our 35th year as owners of the inn, we want to communicate with those of you who are either overwhelmed by emails or don’t do email!  2012 also will clock the 200th Anniversary of the construction of the Mansion by Nathaniel Lord.  Therefore, we thought it would be appropriate in a “snail-mail” newsletter to bring you up-to-date on family matters, CLM ongoing renovations and upgrades, breakfast changes as well as plans for celebrating the 200th!  If you haven't received the mailing, please drop us a note, email us or phone us and we'll gladly mail you a copy.  Your innkeepers, Bev Davis and Rick Litchfield

WP9-30-09 200 




May 03, 2010

What Are the Top 5 Myths About Staying at a Bed and Breakfast Inn?

Bev & Rick Top 5 myths about staying at a bed and breakfast inn

Apr 12, 2010  (Source:

When travelers were asked by the California Association of Bed & Breakfast Inns if they had ever stayed at a bed and breakfast, some of their answers led to the discovery of interesting myths surrounding B&Bs.

B&B decor is limited to lace doilies, paisley wallpaper, antiques, and patchwork quilts!
The decor of some inns recall earlier eras, but increasingly, more inns are trending toward clean, sophisticated decor with modern furnishings and amenities.  Even many Victorians feature individually decorated rooms to appeal to a variety of tastes.

Bev and I believe you will find the decor at the Captain Lord Mansion and our Captain's Garden House to be uncluttered with lots of modern amenities, with special attention to comfortable beds, chairs and couches.  Bev hates lace doilies!


You have to share a bathroom with other guests!
The majority of inns offer private bathrooms.  For those that don't, most have policies of only renting rooms with shared bathrooms to families and couples traveling together to ensure the safety and comfort of guests.

Each bath the Captain Lord Mansion is totally private and has been modernized with heated marble floors, tiled showers, large vanities and many baths have jet tubs and jetted showers. 

You have to eat breakfast with total strangers and eat whatever the innkeeper prepares that morning!
Many inns offers guests a variety of choices for breakfast and pride themselves on accommodating guests with special diets or food allergies. Some offer brunch featuring lots of items.

Yes, the Captain Lord Mansion serves a "family-style" breakfast where you dine with "strangers"; however, the majority of our guests enjoy meeting and sharing with new-found friends.  Also, we cheerfully accommodate special diets and food allergies.

You have to abide by a curfew set by the innkeeper!    Curfews are one of the most common myths. Guests usually are given keys to the main house and guest room doors, providing them with the flexibility to come and go as they please.

God forbid a curfew at the Captain Lord Mansion!  We give you a key to your room and a combination to our guest entry so you may come and go at your leisure. 

B&Bs are only for couples and strictly prohibit children and pets!
Many inns offer family units with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, and a number of inns offer pet-friendly rooms as well. These pet-friendly inns are also a good resource for pet-friendly restaurants and activities.

Although the Captain Lord Mansion is geared to adults, we have flexibility to serve children in a few of our guest rooms.

Bev and I thought you would enjoy seeing this information.  Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield

March 01, 2010

Where Can You Find and Experience Bathroom Remodeling Ideas?

The answer to that question is Kennebunkport, Maine and specifically, the Captain Lord Mansion. If you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom at home, Bev and I suggest you reserve one of our guest rooms at the Captain Lord Mansion to experience specific remodeling ideas in action.  We have guest rooms with heated marble or tile floors; yummy!  Also, there are baths with the latest in air-jetted tubs, much more sanitary and less work to clean than the old style water-jet tubs.  Additionally, we have rooms that have double shower heads, hydro-therapy body jets and one room (Hesper) that has a terrific 6-jet wall system.  Our office staff has experienced all these units and are pleased to share with you their feelings about any of our special bath features. The bath pictured above  is located in the Champion Room; it has an Italian tile fountain, Roman style air-jet double tub and double vanities.  It is the ultimate in luxury!  You can watch the Home and Garden Channel, the Do It Yourself Channel or you can experience bath remodel ideas first-hand at the Mansion!  Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield

January 04, 2010

What is A "Dime for Time" at The Captain Lord Mansion?





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Most people start the year with a pledge to improve themselves in some way.  Rick Litchfield and Bev Davis, owners of the Captain Lord Mansion in Kennebunkport, ME, are starting 2010 with a different kind of resolution.  Captain Lord Mansion will pledge a dime for each guest who stays at the Captain Lord Mansion from January 1 - October 31, 2010, as part of a campaign they are calling “A Dime for Time”. The "Dime for Time" funds will be donated to the American Cancer Society for breast cancer awareness and research programs. Yet, there is a twist:  If the guest has visited once before, the dime will be doubled. If the guest has visited 20 times, the dime will be multiplied by 20.  In short, the pledge will come from the number of visits they’ve had multiplied by 10-cents.  If a guest has had 30 prior visits, the donation will be 3.00 for that guest.  After 31 years of owning the Captain Lord Mansion, Litchfield and Davis know that the contribution for most guests is multiplied by at least five, and up to 80 times for some guests!  The "Dime for Time" campaign was kicked off on New Year’s Eve with a pledge of $550 from Litchfield and Davis, representing approximately a dime for every guestroom booked in 2009.  Guests will be encouraged to contribute to the fund throughout the year too.

The campaign was created in honor of Bev Davis’s sister, who died of breast cancer.  During this past October "Breast Cancer Awareness" month, the notion of helping others with breast cancer spurred the idea to create this new campaign.   Bev and I think one of the most meaningful wishes a breast cancer survivor has is for time; time to spend with their families and time to enjoy the rest of their lives.  This campaign will allow Captain Lord Mansion and its guests to contribute throughout 2010, allowing each person to make a difference, or to honor someone they know who has been touched by breast cancer.  The "Dime for Time" program will be culminated the weekend before Thanksgiving (November 19-20, 2010) when breast cancer survivors will be offered a complimentary two-night stay at the Captain Lord Mansion. 

 Those wishing to be considered must be breast cancer survivors and are asked to describe their stories and why they should win a free weekend on the Captain Lord Mansion’s Facebook page, plus send their story via email to before September 30, 2010.   Facebook entries are limited to 100 words or less, but emailed entries may be longer.  All emailed entries must include the name, address, phone number and email address of the sender for consideration.  Entries must be offered both on Facebook and via email for consideration.  Each breast cancer survivor who is selected for this weekend at the inn will receive a complimentary two-night stay, chair massage and attendance at a reception where Bev and Rick, owners and innkeepers of the Captain Lord Mansion, will present the check for funds raised through the "Dime for Time" program to the American Cancer Society. 

We are excited about the prospects both for raising money for research and for honoring cancer survivors.

Your Innkeepers, Bev Davis and Rick Litchfield


December 02, 2009

32 Years as Kennebunkport Innkeepers, Wow!


B&B Team Logo

Thirty Years, and Still Going Strong!

by Janet Wolf of The B&B Team

What a great turnout at the PAII New England Innkeepering Conference & Trade Show held last month in Nashua, New Hampshire.  All of us at the B&B Team appreciated the opportunity to meet with some of the true veterans on Innkeeping.

Among those veterans are friends and colleagues, Marian Burns, Innkeeper from Mira Monte Inn in Bar Harbor, Maine and Rick Litchfield, Innkeeper from the Captain Lord Mansion in Kennebunkport, Maine.  Unfortunately Rick Litchfield's dynamic other half, Bev Davis, was not able to attend, as she was busy at the Mansion decorating.  What else!  What these innkeepers have in common is over 30 years of Innkeeping under their respective belts.  Not many out there can claim this number!  Besides their longevity, they are also terrific and successful innkeepers.  We believe part of their success can be attributed to never, never stopping the process of educating themselves at conferences.  We didn't ask them, but I am sure they have been to as many conferences (if  not more) than the years they have been innkeepers.

PAII 30 years
Pictured at The B&B Team's booth (from left to right) are Peggy and Peter Scherman, Jay Karen (President and CEO of PAII), Marian Burns, Rick Litchfield, and Janet and Rick Wolf.  

There is always something new and exciting going on at the Captain Lord Mansion, a recent renovation of a former conference space into a spa and lounge and a new state of the art kitchen are the latest.  Their guests also have a history of longevity.  Ten visits to the Mansion will earn a guest an engraved stone in their "Memory Garden". Needles to say, there are lots of pavers and more to come. 

Marian at Mira Monte is very interested in solar energy and has installed panels on a portion of her buildings and hope sto install more in the future.  She is planning a solar workshop in the spring to bring guests in to enjoy Marian's 'Innspring' package plus some education.  Marian is a native of Bar harbor and is a wealth of information about her beautiful part of Maine Guests come back time and again to extract knowledge of Bar Harbor and Acadia Natinal Park from this thirty year veteran.

Marian, Rick and Bev have never put their inns on auto pilot and continue to renew their pilot licenses!  Are there any other thirty year veterans out there?  We woukld love to hear from you!

The B&B Team
Inn Consultants and Brokers Since 1993

With Offices in Virginia and Maine

PETER SCHERMAN ~ P.O. Box 399, Scottsville, VA 24590 

(434) 286-4600 ~ Twitter PeterInVA

RICK WOLF ~ 35 Western Avenue,  Kennebunk, ME 04043 

(207) 967-1995 ~ Twitter RWMaine

"The B&B Team" and the pineapple logo are registered trademarks of The B&B Team, Inc.

Reprinted by permission from the B&B Team Blog!  Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield

July 30, 2009

Captain Lord Mansion has a face on Facebook!

Facebook2 Everyone is doing it, doing it, doing it; putting their face on Facebook.  Well, we have too!  Once you are signed into your Facebook account, this link takes you to The Captain Lord Mansion Facebook page. We would love to have you sign on as friends.  I have linked our blogs into the page, so folks can keep up with the events and activities in and around Kennebunkport as well as at the Captain Lord Mansion.

July 21, 2009

What Is The Select Registry and Where Do You Find It In Kennebunkport?

Select Registry

The Select Registry, Distinguished Inns of North America is the premier guide to exceptional travel and lodging and has been a useful tool for travelers for 21 years.  Before it's incarnation as "The Select Registry", it was a wonderful travel guidebook called "Country Inns & Back Roads" written by Norman Simpson.  Norman began traveling New England in the mid-1960's and wrote a little booklet about his favorite small, owner-operated lodging establishments.  Norman was the "father" of the bed & breakfast business.  During the United States bicentennial in 1976 there was a renewed interest in New England travel and the country inn lodging.  Additionally, a few folks were starting bed & breakfast inns in areas such as Kennebunkport that were well-served by restaurants.  The Captain Lord Mansion actually was put into "Country Inns & Back Roads" in 1975!  That was long before computers, cell phones, fax machines and credit cards.  Wow!  Bev and I remember those days when we took only cash and personal checks!  Also, we sent you a post card confirmation.  How times have changed!  The Select Registry now has an excellent website where you can find inns all over the US and Canada.  Also, there are interesting travel itineraries available, as well as other benefits such as the "Golden Quill Club" which is a frequent stay rewards program.  Bev and I purchased the Captain Lord Mansion in June of 1978 and we are thrilled to share stories about the early years of inn keeping!  Looking forward to stamping your book! Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield


August 12, 2008

Where Can You Find Beautiful Gardens in Bloom?

Thanks to Bev, our resident gardener, the flowers and vegetables are doing splendid this season! Garden1
In the vegetable garden we have an abundance of tomatoes coming up.  Not just any tomatoes, mind you.  They are the ones we use in all our cooking here at The Captain Lord Mansion.  We also grow our own herbs, basil, parsley and such, to add in our delicious menu items.

I may be good at eating the splendors of the garden, but it is Bev who truly has the greenest thumb in the family.  We don't hire a gardener to landscape our grounds.  Bev does all the work, from weeding, to pruning, to caring for the perennials all through the long cold winter.  The Tuberous Begonias, seen in the next two photos, are particularly loved by Bev, who digs them up every fall and winters them over in a large tub of peat moss which we store in a heated garage.  The begonias make up an impressive collection of whites, yellows, reds and pinks. Gorgeous. And there is no better time to see them than now.
Garden3_2 Garden4

The side garden by our barn is a perfect example of how brilliant Bev is not only at caring for the greenery, but landscaping them as well. Here, we see the perfect combination of tall purple cone flowers, mixed with bright ground cover, and a peek-a-boo stone bunny.

Garden5 Garden6

When visiting, make sure you spend time admiring these lush beds of beauty.  With the way time moves these days, they'll be covered in snow before we know it.  No-no, did I really say that?

Your Innkeeper -- Rick Litchfield

July 23, 2008

A letter from a fan!

On July 3, we had a very nice surprise party in our side garden for a friend named Mary who celebrated her 96th birthday with us.Marys_party_and_flower_gardens_014

Smart, able and still full of all the life God gave her, Mary sent us this letter afterward. I'd like to share it with you now:

Dear Bev and Rick:

What a suprise!
That was one beautiful party. - a lovely day, wonderful people and what a charming setting.

And then - GIFTS!

The massage will keep me moving and that beautiful "Robe" will keep we warm all winter.
You made living 96 years worth it.
Thank you both so much. What a great Pair you are.


Well, Mary, from both Bev and I, you are most definitely welcome!

July 24, 2007

Where Can You Rent Kayaks in Kennebunkport?

Captain Lord Mansion staff goes for a "Sunset Paddle" at Goose Rocks Beach!Robert_dennis

Sunday evening, July 22, 2007 several of our staff together with Bev and I gathered on the beautiful white sands of Goose Rocks Beach.  We felt excited and eagerly anticipated our "Sunset Paddle" with Seth Kenneway, the owner of a new business in Kennebunkport, "Port Paddle", which is associated with Cape Able Bike Shop.

Seth was accompanied by his wife Alison and their two young children.  They were responsible for making the campfire we were to enjoy after our kayaking tour of the harbor.

Seth is a registered Maine Guide who has worked for the famous Maine outdoor outfitter, L.L. Bean.  Seth brought us his brand new sea kayaks together with carbon fiber paddles, as in very light!  There were seven of us sharing two double and three single craft.  Bev and I do not paddle together, so she paddled with someone else, while I had a single kayak!  Double kayaks are known as divorce boats!

Before dragging each of our kayaks into the water to begin our paddle, Seth spent time instructing us in the fine points of kayak paddling.  Our actual 2 hour kayaking tour followed the curved lines of the beach about 200 to 300 yards off-shore.  Before completing our trip, we paddled into the "Little" river which flows into the harbor on the north end of the beach.  It was fun sort of surfing the swells into the river!  As we headed back to our take-out point opposite the Tides Inn, we marveled at the beautiful sunset of pinks, roses and purples.Robert_dennis_001  The photos accompanying this blog are by Robert Dennis.

At the completion of our paddle tour, we dragged the kayaks up the beach and gathered around the campfire for fellowship, fruit shortcake, smores and sharing stories about our adventure.  As darkness descended, we headed home feeling tired, but refreshed and  grateful for having had the opportunity for such an enjoyable adventure.

If you are coming to Kennebunkport, we sincerely recommend taking this sunset tour with Seth.  Rick Litchfield, you innkeeper

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