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September 19, 2010

Do You Remember Bev's Zucchini Bread Being Served at Captain Lord Mansion Breakfasts?

WP9-30-09 200  Here is another of Bev's original recipes from the days when she prepared breakfast for the guests at the Captain Lord Mansion each morning.  We used to keep a garden beside the "Carriage House"; it is now part of our parking lot/driveway.  Bev grew lots of zucchini and developed this recipe in order that we might put the voluminous quantities of those tuberous vegetables to good use!

This is the second of our fall blogs reminiscing about the past!  Enjoy!


Captain Lord Mansion

Zucchini Bread


Oven Temperature: 350

Baking Time: 1 Hour

Makes 4 Loaves


Beat with a hand beater

  6 eggs until lemon colored


Add to eggs & beat until well mixed

  2 cups of vegetable oil


Stir in 5 cups of sugar


Add:  2 teaspoons of vanilla

  4 cups of finely chopped zucchini (unpeeled)


Sift dry ingredients together separately in a very large bowl

  6 cups of flour

  6 teaspoons cinnamon

  1 teaspoons salt

  2 teaspoons baking soda

  3 teaspoons baking powder


Stir the dry mixture into the wet until moist (Do not use mixer)


Fold in 1 cup of raisins


Pour into 4 greased & floured loaf pans


Bake 1 hour @ 350 degrees


Test with a cake tester in the center.  If not clean, bake another 10 minutes.


Freezes well – you can microwave to reheat and serve.

This is a great recipes for the holidays for gifts!


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