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January 29, 2010

What are Fantastic Fortune Cookies and Where Can You Find Them In Kennebunkport?

Cindy of FFC
Cindy Francis, founder of Fantastic Fortune Cookies

The secret to "Fantastic Fortune" Gourmet Cookies are their great taste and fun size.

"Fantastic Fortune" cookies are the same shape as a typical fortune cookie but they are about the size of a grapefruit!  They have the classic crisp fortune cookie texture and consistency and even a trace of traditional fortune cookie essence, but they are absolutely delicious.  Click on the link to read all about these "Fantastic Fortune" cookies.

MINI-fortune cookies
Our slightly smaller fortune cookie, the “Mini”

Don’t let the name MINI fool you. These are generous gourmet fortune cookies about the size of a large naval orange. They have a general good fortune inside. Each cookie is cello wrapped and heat sealed and tied off with a colorful polka dot ribbon.

During the Month of February, as part of our "February is For Lovers" marketing effort, the Captain Lord Mansion located in Kennebunkport, Maine will be giving away a Mini "Fantastic Fortune" Cookie with each room rented.  Each cookie will contain a surprise gift. The different offers include a free night at the inn, a free spa treatment at the inn, a free CLM limited edition coffee mug or a $25 discount coupon. We look forward to seeing you in February and happy fortune hunting!  Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield 


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David Maslow, the Vacation Getaway Guy

I look forward to trying one of these fortune cookies. They look so yummy.

David Maslow

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