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January 2010

January 29, 2010

What are Fantastic Fortune Cookies and Where Can You Find Them In Kennebunkport?

Cindy of FFC
Cindy Francis, founder of Fantastic Fortune Cookies

The secret to "Fantastic Fortune" Gourmet Cookies are their great taste and fun size.

"Fantastic Fortune" cookies are the same shape as a typical fortune cookie but they are about the size of a grapefruit!  They have the classic crisp fortune cookie texture and consistency and even a trace of traditional fortune cookie essence, but they are absolutely delicious.  Click on the link to read all about these "Fantastic Fortune" cookies.

MINI-fortune cookies
Our slightly smaller fortune cookie, the “Mini”

Don’t let the name MINI fool you. These are generous gourmet fortune cookies about the size of a large naval orange. They have a general good fortune inside. Each cookie is cello wrapped and heat sealed and tied off with a colorful polka dot ribbon.

During the Month of February, as part of our "February is For Lovers" marketing effort, the Captain Lord Mansion located in Kennebunkport, Maine will be giving away a Mini "Fantastic Fortune" Cookie with each room rented.  Each cookie will contain a surprise gift. The different offers include a free night at the inn, a free spa treatment at the inn, a free CLM limited edition coffee mug or a $25 discount coupon. We look forward to seeing you in February and happy fortune hunting!  Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield 

January 04, 2010

Stacia's Wedding Was Not in Kennebunkport!

Stacia's Wedding 023 Stacia and her new husband Brian Thacker prepare to cut their wedding cake.  Surprise; Stacia got married Columbus Day Weekend! 

Bev and I are very pleased to announce the marriage of our youngest daughter Stacia Ann.  The wedding took place on the beautiful beach at Panama City Beach, Florida.

It was a very small affair with only the two immediate families attending.  Bev planned the whole wedding for Stacia and did it long distance from Maine. Bev did a marvelous job securing a caterer, flowers, wedding cake as well as renting a beachfront house for the lcoation of the ceremony. 

Most dads get to walk their daughters down the aisle; I got to walk her down the beach!  It was a glorious day, sunny with a temperature near 90.  Sun, sand, surf and a terrific wedding.  The new couple will make their home in Heflin, Alabama.  We wish the happy couple a prosperous New Year!  Love, Mom and Dad! 

What is A "Dime for Time" at The Captain Lord Mansion?





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Most people start the year with a pledge to improve themselves in some way.  Rick Litchfield and Bev Davis, owners of the Captain Lord Mansion in Kennebunkport, ME, are starting 2010 with a different kind of resolution.  Captain Lord Mansion will pledge a dime for each guest who stays at the Captain Lord Mansion from January 1 - October 31, 2010, as part of a campaign they are calling “A Dime for Time”. The "Dime for Time" funds will be donated to the American Cancer Society for breast cancer awareness and research programs. Yet, there is a twist:  If the guest has visited once before, the dime will be doubled. If the guest has visited 20 times, the dime will be multiplied by 20.  In short, the pledge will come from the number of visits they’ve had multiplied by 10-cents.  If a guest has had 30 prior visits, the donation will be 3.00 for that guest.  After 31 years of owning the Captain Lord Mansion, Litchfield and Davis know that the contribution for most guests is multiplied by at least five, and up to 80 times for some guests!  The "Dime for Time" campaign was kicked off on New Year’s Eve with a pledge of $550 from Litchfield and Davis, representing approximately a dime for every guestroom booked in 2009.  Guests will be encouraged to contribute to the fund throughout the year too.

The campaign was created in honor of Bev Davis’s sister, who died of breast cancer.  During this past October "Breast Cancer Awareness" month, the notion of helping others with breast cancer spurred the idea to create this new campaign.   Bev and I think one of the most meaningful wishes a breast cancer survivor has is for time; time to spend with their families and time to enjoy the rest of their lives.  This campaign will allow Captain Lord Mansion and its guests to contribute throughout 2010, allowing each person to make a difference, or to honor someone they know who has been touched by breast cancer.  The "Dime for Time" program will be culminated the weekend before Thanksgiving (November 19-20, 2010) when breast cancer survivors will be offered a complimentary two-night stay at the Captain Lord Mansion. 

 Those wishing to be considered must be breast cancer survivors and are asked to describe their stories and why they should win a free weekend on the Captain Lord Mansion’s Facebook page, plus send their story via email to before September 30, 2010.   Facebook entries are limited to 100 words or less, but emailed entries may be longer.  All emailed entries must include the name, address, phone number and email address of the sender for consideration.  Entries must be offered both on Facebook and via email for consideration.  Each breast cancer survivor who is selected for this weekend at the inn will receive a complimentary two-night stay, chair massage and attendance at a reception where Bev and Rick, owners and innkeepers of the Captain Lord Mansion, will present the check for funds raised through the "Dime for Time" program to the American Cancer Society. 

We are excited about the prospects both for raising money for research and for honoring cancer survivors.

Your Innkeepers, Bev Davis and Rick Litchfield


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