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November 18, 2008

And He Doesn't Even Have Thumbs!

Mutley, that's who!

I don't usually blog about other blogs, but this one deserves some howling recognition.

Mutley is the famous cyber-dog photographer who loves to take pictures of Maine.

Kennebunkport pictures, more accurately speaking, like the one at left taken on Nov. 5. The human who Mutleyhelps him post his photos, of which he tries to get on line everyday, is local resident
John Maguire, who isn't such a bad photographer himself.  You can learn more about him by CLICKING HERE.

Mutley's page though is a great way to see pictures of our beloved Kennebunkport on a daily basis.  And I wanted to mention it because many of you, our guests here at the Captain Lord Mansion wish they could be a part of our lovely seaside community all year long.

Mutley's daily renderings might just help you with that. Each of his Kennebunkport daily diary entries come with a little description written in what he describes as "a tongue in jowel style."

So, if you want a little dose of Kennebunkport's beauty each an every day, as the weather changes and as the tides come and go, spend some time with Mutley.

And make sure you book your reservations for summer, too. We can't wait to see you again.

Your Innkeeper -- Rick Litchfield


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