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September 2008

September 22, 2008

I am "Nott" kidding - you must visit this place!

It was the mid 1800s when wealthy sea merchant Charles Perkins built a beautiful Victorian home at the top of what would become the beloved Kennebunkport we know today. From his  perchNott2, Mr. Perkins could watch the harbor and keep an eye on his ships coming in and out of port. As time passed, so did the Perkins family. The home was passed onto Mr. Perkins' wife's family, the Notts. The last heir to the home and its thrones, Mr. Richard Nott.

We are lucky that Richard, when he passed, bestowed the glorious home to his sister, Elizabeth. Because it is she who made certain the home would become a historical gem to modern day Kennebunkporters. She gave it to the Kennebunport historical society, and you can read more about that by CLICKING ON THIS LINK.  Thanks to Elizabeth, this home has been preserved as it was in the 1853, when the shipbuilding industry and Victorian charm thrived in Kennebunport.

Even now, the carpets, furnishings and wallpaper are original to the house. It is a sight to behold, a vault of interesting sea-faring history, and is also an easy walk from The Captain Lord Mansion .

If you want to see lovely Victorian furnishings, take a great tour with one of the knowledgeable docents, or visit a quaint gift shop, I highly recommend a visit to the The Nott House located at the top of Main Street, number 8. Nott1

The Nott House open hours, until Oct. 11:

Wednesday through Friday: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Saturdays: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Group tours are available, by appointment, which we would be happy to make for you at the Mansion's front desk.

Your Innkeeper - Rick Litchfield

September 18, 2008

Where in the World is 'Taint Town"?

Here's a hint: It ain't Kennebunk. And it ain't Kennebunkport.

But you won't find 'Taint Town on a map anywhere. The only way to find it is to ask a local how to get there.

Those who've been arTaintown_2ound a while will tell you ''Taint Town is the place where the lines of the two Kennebunks blur. The town line, literally, is at the bridge on Route 9. The Clam Shack for example, technically is in Kennebunk, not Kennebunkport. Alisson's Restaurant, a stone's throw away, is in the 'Port.

But, over the years, as the whole the Dock Square community  became one, the area where the Clam Shack, Federal Jacks, and even the Kennebunkport/Kennebunk Chamber of Commerce reside, became known as 'Taint Town. As in: 'Taint Kennebunk. 'Taint Kennebunk-pawht neetha." (My best interpretation of a Maine accent.)

Lately, though, if you Google "'Taint Town" you'll come up with a lot of what you see on the left: A beer brewed locally, at Federal Jacks Restaurant, one of the few true residents of 'Taint Town.  Federal Jacks offers tours of their brew facility where "Taint Town Pale Ale", as well as nationally renowned "Shipyard Ale", is brewed.  At the Captain Lord Mansion we can arrange tours of this facility for our guests.

Your innkeeper, Rick Litchfield

September 10, 2008

Where are they now? Dana is .....

In my last post, I wrote about the painting Anniversary Celebration, one that is very near and dear to our hearts, because of some of the familiar characters in it.

Ciccy2One of those characters is Dana (in that Anniversary Celebration painting (seen here running with Aggie the cat) the oldest of our two beautiful daughters.

But she's not a little girl anymore. As promised in the last blog entry here is an update on Dana's life:

• She is now 27 years old (28 on Nov. 15)
• She was married five years ago on Aug. 30, at the Kennebunkport Village Baptist Church. After the church ceremony, she and her new husband, Eric Nielsen, were brought to the Captain Lord Mansion by horse-drawn carriage, where a group of 75 people waited in the carriage house barn to celebrate their union. It was a magical afternoon. Many of the white Christmas Lights we used to light the barn are still strung across the barn ceiling and often, Bev will get comments. Her favorite: "Now that's a smart way to store your Christmas lights."Danas_wedding_door_stops_138
• Dana and Eric honeymooned in Nova Scotia.  They took Bev's Chrysler Sebring convertible!
• Mr. and Mrs. Nielsen (they met while attending Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio) now live in suburban Dayton, Ohio. Why Ohio? That's where Eric's family is from!
• Dana is following her parents in their hospitality footsteps as she is managing a Steak and Shake Restaurant there.  Ever eat at a Steak and Shake restaurant, a Midwest tradition?  If not, you're missing out!
• Eric, meanwhile, is a senior computer programmer for a tax-prep company.
• We visit them every May and spend a week with the couple, helping them with their gardening (Bev) and trimming their shrubs (me)!  We also love to just spend time with them!

• They have one cat, named Paws, and no children as of yet.
• BUT, they are a very frugal, conscientious couple. For example, the house they bought three years ago, is already paid off!

In another installment, I'll give you an update on the life and times of our other daughter, Stacia. Until then...

As Always, Your Innkeeper -- Rick Litchfield

September 05, 2008

Romance Blooms in Horse-Drawn Carriages in Kennebunkport!

Did you know, you don't have to go all the way to New York City to take a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride?  No, you just have to go down the hill from The Captain Lord Mansion to Ocean Avenue.

That's where Red or Charlie, the big Belgian horses usually wait to take visitors to Kennebunkport on a tour of the area, old-fashioned style.   Carriage ride

Rockin Horse Stables  which is located here in Kennebunkport, offers these lovely trips around town, which goes by many of the historic mansions and grand homes in our historic village.

Often the carriage is driven by Vince Khelin, who, together with his wife Susan, owns Rockin Horse Stables, a picturesque farm on Arundel Road in Kennebunkport. A place where horses are treated better than most, Rockin Horse Stables offers sleigh rides in the winter, pony and wagon rides on the farm.  We know them personally, as they were the ones whose carriage brought our daughter Dana and her husband Eric to the inn from the Kennebunkport Village Baptist Church on her wedding day.

It really is one of the nicest ways to tour our seacoast village.  If you want us to make a reservation for you for a romantic carriage ride while you stay at the Captain Lord Mansion please ask our front desk staff to set something up for you.

Then, you can experience the seacoast of Kennebunkport in the most romantic of ways!

Your Innkeeper -- Rick Litchfield.Redcharlie

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