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August 2008

August 22, 2008

Art history Comes Alive at the Inn...again!

As promised, another entry about the art that graces the walls of the Captain Lord Mansion.  Bev and I know that some of you, when you come to visit, really enjoy these exquisite, extraordinary pieces. Now, permit us to share a little of their history with you.

This month's piece is one that is quite dear to our hearts: Anniversary Celebration commissioned for our 10th anniversary (June 15th, 1988) and painted by primitive painter Cissy Buchanan. During our early years as innkeepers, Cissy became a good friend and showed her work at Mast Cove Gallery which is located in Kennebunkport next to the Graves Memorial Library.


We knew of Cissy's work long before this piece was commissioned.  We loved her beach rocks series and other primitive pieces we would see at Jean Briggs' Mast Cove Gallery.  It was one style of art missing from our collection at the Mansion, so it all seemed to make perfect sense to commission Cissy to create a special work of art celebrating our 10th anniversary.

But what makes this piece even more enticing are the little details Cissy incorporated into the piece. I notice new ones every time I look at the painting.  Do you recognize anybody?

That's yours truly on the high-wheel bike, riding in front of the historic "cup and saucer" house (circa 1784), which was our private residence for the past 25 years.  Waving to me is Bev and our two daughters, Dana and Stacia.

Ciccy2In another section of the painting, the lady in white is again, my Bev, with our Dana (now a grown woman...expect an update on her life in an upcoming post) chasing ducks with Aggie. Do you remember Aggie?  She was our Mansion cat?  She lived to be about 16 years old!

Cissy3In another part of the painting, we see our neighbors, Michael and Suzanne, in their garden, where on any given summer day, they can be found.

For me, there is one being represented in this painting for whom I am still searching. I'd love to meet her, but I haven't found her yet! If you see her around, please, let me know!


Your Innkeeper - Rick Litchfield

August 18, 2008

Christmas in August?

Not really, but we're already getting ready for the grand holiday in life-size style!

For many years, Bev and I considered purchasing life-size figures for a Nativity Scene, which we wanted to display on the front granite stairs at the Captain Lord Mansion during Christmas.

But, alas, thus far, it's been too expensive to make happen.  However, two years ago we found something that would suffice: life-sized carolers who, for the first time last winter, stood in eternal song at our guest entrance. Carolers_in_snow

We already had the two dog statutes located at the guest entrance and felt the carolers would fit just right together with them (who are still waiting for a name)...

But, after spending a long, long winter outside (they were frozen in place until April), the jolly bunch needed a paint job. And who better for the work than Bev, our resident artist/decorator/gardner/all around everything gal. The abundant rain this summer ended up giving Bev ample time to repaint the figures in the Mansion Carriage House. She sometimes gets as much paint on herself as she does on a figure! The following photographs were taken by local Professional Photographer and Photojournalist Gregory Rec (which is why they are so good!). By the way, stop by come December 1, and see our carolers as they grace the entrance of the inn, fully restored, once more. Carolers4

Always in the spirit - Your Innkeeper - Rick Litchfield.




August 12, 2008

Where Can You Find Beautiful Gardens in Bloom?

Thanks to Bev, our resident gardener, the flowers and vegetables are doing splendid this season! Garden1
In the vegetable garden we have an abundance of tomatoes coming up.  Not just any tomatoes, mind you.  They are the ones we use in all our cooking here at The Captain Lord Mansion.  We also grow our own herbs, basil, parsley and such, to add in our delicious menu items.

I may be good at eating the splendors of the garden, but it is Bev who truly has the greenest thumb in the family.  We don't hire a gardener to landscape our grounds.  Bev does all the work, from weeding, to pruning, to caring for the perennials all through the long cold winter.  The Tuberous Begonias, seen in the next two photos, are particularly loved by Bev, who digs them up every fall and winters them over in a large tub of peat moss which we store in a heated garage.  The begonias make up an impressive collection of whites, yellows, reds and pinks. Gorgeous. And there is no better time to see them than now.
Garden3_2 Garden4

The side garden by our barn is a perfect example of how brilliant Bev is not only at caring for the greenery, but landscaping them as well. Here, we see the perfect combination of tall purple cone flowers, mixed with bright ground cover, and a peek-a-boo stone bunny.

Garden5 Garden6

When visiting, make sure you spend time admiring these lush beds of beauty.  With the way time moves these days, they'll be covered in snow before we know it.  No-no, did I really say that?

Your Innkeeper -- Rick Litchfield

August 04, 2008

Everything's Coming up Rosy Red.

Did you know that lobsters are really greenish brown, and not red, when they are pulled from the bottom of the sea? (They turn red after they've been cooked). Lobster

Or, did you know that the beautiful, fragrant species of rose that lines our Maine coast is called the Rosa Rugosa? Rosa

But most importantly, did you know that lobsters and Rugosas make the perfect match? At least, they do here at the Captain Lord Mansion thanks to a couple of our very favorite neighbors.

Right now, as one of our "Getaway Specials" we offer guest the opportunity to trip aboard a working lobster boat to see how the succulent crustaceans are caught. And then, afterward, to eat the bounty of the catch.

The one and a half hour scenic cruise is on the classic New England lobster boat The Rugosa (named after the rose, of course). Visitors will see Maine's rocky coast, Pumpkin Island's harbor seals, beautiful "summer cottages " and the Bush compound at Walker's Point. And of course, along the way, there will be some lobster harvesting.

You'll find out how they are pulled from the ocean depths, banded and brought back to harbor for dinner.

Afterward, you'll gorge on a "Lobster Shore Dinner" at President Bush's (41) favorite seafood restaurant, Mabel's Lobster Claw.

It's only $149 per couple for a real taste of real Maine. A great price for a great trip, where everything really is rosy red.

Your innkeeper - Rick Litchfield.

August 01, 2008

What is Living Little?

Livinglittle_logo_2 Where else can you see a log cabin, a general store, a houseboat, a church, a Victorian mansion, a woodworking shop, several homes, and more all under one roof?  In miniature at the Brick Store Museum's newest exhibition, of course!  Living Little: A Selection of Doll-houses and Architectural Models.

These are just a few of the not-so-small wonders from the Museum and on loan from private collections that will fascinate you as part of On view through the end of 2008, this exhibition just opened on July 20 but has already welcomed hundreds of visitors--from toddlers to architects to miniatures enthusiasts of all ages! Especially fun is an "I Spy..."scavenger hunt activity that challenges kids to locate certain items within the various scenes.

You'll see doll-houses and models as hobbies, as forms of collecting, and as catalysts for compelling stories that transcend generations. Accompanying many of the doll-houses are sequences of photographs. Artistic in their own right, the images also serve to spotlight specific details and show aspects or vantage points that might otherwise not be readily apparent. With no comparative sense of scale in these engaging photographs, the rooms depicted are easily be mistaken as full-size, and it's not much of a leap to envision yourself in the scene!Brick_store_museum

So, enter a miniature world where everything is just as you like it.  For a time, try "living little." 

This exhibition is made possible by the Museum's proud business partners: Jeffrey A. Bonney, CFP®, Captain Lord Mansion and Ocean Bank.
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