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April 2008

April 25, 2008

What Are Some Romantic Activities In Kennebunkport For You and Your Partner?

3 Places for Quiet Picnicing Along the WaterGeorgegardner

Just imagine strolling hand-in-hand with your loved one, finding a peaceful spot, spreading a blanket, and sharing a delicious picnic together in the fresh air. If this is your idea of "romantic," let the Captain Lord Mansion help!

Let us know the day before, and we'll prepare a gourmet basket of luscious goodies, including fine products made right here in Maine. Then, whether you drive, bike or walk, you can set out on a private and special occasion for just the two of you.

Here are three places very close to the Mansion that can provide the setting for creating romantic memories you'll look back on fondly for years to come:

Silas Perkins Park
At the foot of the Village Green, just across Ocean Avenue from the Mansion, this small gem of a park borders the Arundel River. It's a great place to watch the boats going to and from the ocean which is just a short distance away. There are benches to use, or spread a blanket on the lawn.Silasperkinspark

Across from the Colony Hotel
About a mile out Ocean Avenue, a charming little mini-park sits overlooking the spot where the river meets the ocean. Great water views make this a very special spot to relax and linger over your alfresco meal!

KennebunkportThe Franciscan Monastery
On Beach Street, a short walk from Dock Square, is the Franciscan Monastery — 60 acres of secluded, wooded land near the mouth of the Arundel River. The serenity of the Monastery provides you an exceptionally peaceful retreat from the bustle of downtown Kennebunkport.

Every once in a while (tho' not often enough!), Bev and I will leave the Mansion in very capable hands, grab a picnic lunch, and head out for some quiet time together. It's extremely therapeutic, relaxing, and yes — romantic. Try it!

Rick Litchfield, Your Innkeeper

April 15, 2008

5 Ways to Enjoy a Rainy Day in Kennebunkport!

Rainy Day Fun in the Kennebunks:Trolley

Yes, it DOES occasionally rain in Southern Maine. But don't let a few showers dampen your vacation fun. There's plenty to do when the sun's too shy to shine. Here are five places that will entertain, educate, and generally help you enjoy the day, whatever Mother Nature has in mind.

1. The Seashore Trolley Museum, just a few minuted from downtown Kennebunkport, offers an exciting and unique experience as you ride beautifully restored, antique trolley cars from around the world, on tracks that take you back in time. Founded in 1939 with just one car, its collection now includes more than 250 fascinating vehicles. Most cars are completely enclosed, letting you enjoy the ride while keeping the sprinkles out.Brick_store_museum

2. The Brick Store Museum in the center of Kennebunk is a real treasure, preserving the rich heritage of this part of the coast of Southern Maine. The original brick structure was built in 1825, by William Lord (of Capt. Lord Mansion fame). The Museum began on the second floor in 1938 and has expanded several times since then. Bev and I particularly enjoy finding unique and "just perfect" gifts in the Museum Store.

3. The Kennebunkport Historical Society is headquartered in the magnificent 1853 Greek Revival Nott House, complete with original furnishings, in a lovely Victorian garden setting. It is open June 3 through October 6, providing an authentic glimpse of life in Kennebunkport in the mid-1800s.Goatislandlighthouse

4. The Lighthouse Depot on Rte. 1 in nearby Wells is a mecca for all lighthouse enthusiasts! Its extensive offerings include everything "lighthouse" — from books, CDs, paintings, and miniature reproductions, to the more whimsical snowglobes, suncatchers, even lighthouse boxer shorts! A fabulous place to spend a few thoroughly enjoyable shopping hours.

5. Prefer to just kick back and relax until the clouds roll by? Why not get comfy in the Captain Lord Mansion's warm and welcoming Gathering Room? Grab a cup of coffee or tea (always available) and bring a good book, or go downstairs and test your skills at the inn's challenging jigsaw puzzle. And if either Bev or I are around, we'd love to stop by for a chat!

Before you know it, the sun's out — and so are you!

Rick Litchfield, Your Innkeeper

April 08, 2008

Antiquing In and Around the Kennebunks

Where Can You Find the Best Antiques at a 10% Saving?Excelsior1_3

If antiquing is your idea of a great way to spend a balmy Spring day, then our special "April Is For Antique Lovers" promotion is perfect for you! Bev and I have personally selected the best antique dealers in this area to participate, and they are offering our guests a 10% discount from their listed prices, providing you pay by cash or check (the cost of processing credit cards is so high!).

We have tried to offer you a wide selection — from group shops, collectable dealers and fine period dealers, to one of the largest antique dealerships in New England. You'll find furniture, lighting, glass, china, paintings, toys, tools, and so much more. Whether you're interested in country Colonial, fine French, Victorian, or other periods, you're sure to find plenty to interest you in these establishments.

All of these dealers are either right on Rte. 1, or just off the highway in one of the nearby towns. And all are within a 1/2 - 3/4 hour drive from the Mansion, making this a perfect way to spend a leisurely day. Don't forget to complete the experience by stopping along the way to enjoy a genuine Maine lobster roll and perhaps a glass of one of our delicious, locally-brewed Maine beers.

Over the years, as Bev and I have continually upgraded and redecorated the Mansion's rooms, we have relied on several of these dealers to supply us with many of the handsome antiques you find in your room, and throughout the inn. The photo you see here is Excelsior, just one of our beautifully-appointed rooms. Call for our special April antiquing rates, and — happy hunting!

Rick Litchfield, Your Innkeeper

April 02, 2008

What is Your Lobster IQ?

Everything you ever wanted to know about lobster! (Or almost everything!)Lobster_dinner

Today, many people consider lobster a delicacy.  In fact, you have to pay dearly for a really good lobster feast.  However, lobsters were once so plentiful that Native Americans used them as fertilizer and fish bait!  Also, in Colonial times they were considered poverty food and served to children and indentured servants.  Stories have been told that children who brought lobster sandwiches to school were considered the poor kids.

Lobsters are not fish, nor mammal, but rather they are arthropods, closely related to insects! Lobsters, like insects, belong to the invertebrate family.  These two-clawed marine creatures have one claw that  is called the pincer and the other is called the crusher.  An interesting fact about claws: lobsters, like humans, can be right or left handed, depending on whether its crusher claw is on the right or left side of its body. Most live lobsters are greenish.  Lobsters are not red until cooked. All pigment that make up a lobster shell are destroyed by the heat when cooked, except the red.   

Lobster is healthy for you.  it contains iron, zinc, calcium and iodine, as well as vitamins A, B and B6.  It has no saturated fat and is low in cholesterol and calories.  Now that you know lobsters are good for you, call the Captain Lord Mansion to make an early spring reservation and plan a lobster feast vacation!  With winter over and lobster prices coming down, Bev and I are looking forward to sampling some of this delicacy real soon!  Rick Litchfield, your innkeeper

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